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Aproquila was founded and incorporated under Portuguese law in 1984 and is the ONLY organisation within Quinta do Lago which is fully independent and committed exclusively to maintaining and fostering the interests of property owners within the estate.

Since 1984, the estate has developed dramatically – within its 2000 acres it has approximately 550 dwellings, a considerable number of commercial enterprises and is serviced by 50 kilometres of roadway.   The end result is a resort of very high calibre with a unique and distinct ambiance; it is this, in combination with the available leisure facilities which continued to attract owners of whatever duration and a multitude of visitors.

The single greatest contributing factor to this achievement is the very high quality of the homes and gardens built by individual owners – in aggregate, this amounts to an investment of hundreds of millions of Euros over the years, an investment which is “topped up” every year by substantial payments for maintenance, security and local taxes which themselves, considered collectively, amount of many millions of Euros.   Naturally, each owner wishes to see that the return on his/her investment is maintained and enhanced, that the estate continues with its unique and distinctive features unimpaired and that any threat is met squarely and effectively.

It is obvious, we think, that an in order to achieve these objectives and to protect these high investments, the individual owners should coalesce into a single organisation which is both a channel for individual concerns and a body of weight and influence in the larger issues affecting the quality of life within Quinta do Lago.  Par excellance, the estate is the best example imaginable of the “residential tourism” which the current Portuguese government is seeking to promote.

The day to day affairs of Aproquila are managed by a five member Board of Directors which meets monthly and  whose members, in between these meetings, devote very considerable time and effort towards promoting the objectives and of  the Association and carrying out a range of activities for its benefit and that of its members.

New and fully equipped offices have been acquired and established at the 1st Roundabout. This is the most prestigious location within Quinta do Lago and the offices are open and available to our members Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click here for further details.

Close and friendly relationship have been established with Infraquinta, the maintenance company responsible for the myriad of tasks necessary to maintain the infrastructure and appearance of Quinta do Lago at a very high level.   This is an on-going activity which has resulted in beneficial changes and actions.

Has had meeting with the recently elected Mayor of the Loulé Câmara Dr. Vitor Aleixo, at which a range of relevant topics were discussed including particularly the requirements of the Plot Registration Scheme (Cadastre).

Established liaison with the appropriate authorities at Faro Airport concerning measures to ameliorate the noise from arriving and departing aircraft and ensuring that these measures are strictly observed.

Provided legal advice at a reasonable price for those members who have been adversely affected by the imposition of the new Property Tax, the “Stamp Tax”.

Sought remedial action on the small number of sites, houses and gardens which have been allowed by their owners to fall into a derelict or semi-derelict condition.   This is a complex legal and logistical problem which is intended to pursue to a successful conclusion.   

Has responded to complaints and concerns of members on a wide range of topics and offered assistance to these individual members.

The recently elected Board of Directors fully intends to expand this range of activities and services and will give timely notice of these.

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